Запустил поинт бланк this application cannot run under

запустил поинт бланк this application cannot run under
This is particularly important for supporting executive administrators and assistants. When you create new Flex and ActionScript applications, a launch configuration specifies the location of the built applications files and the main application file. But we suggest you stick with the default server for development, and that you wait to investigate other server options until you’re ready to deploy your application to production.

Follow the steps below to delete this folder. The debug toolbar will not be shown (and all debugging will be turned off) when you use the production.ini file instead of the development.ini ini file to run the application. Modifying Package Structure It is best practice for your application’s code layout to not stray too much from accepted Pyramid cookiecutter defaults. If you refrain from changing things very much, other Pyramid coders will be able to more quickly understand your application. Other people can work on the appearance of the UI in the XAML file while you’re working on the behavior in the code file. The installers for the debugger version of Flash Player are located in the Adobe Flash Builder Installation/player directory on your computer. The use of pserve to run a Pyramid application is purely conventional based on the output of its cookiecutter.

The Debug Toolbar If you click on the Pyramid logo at the top right of the page, a new target window will open to present a debug toolbar that provides various niceties while you’re developing. Flash Builder installs the application on your device and launches the application. Modify the configuration preferences as needed, and click Run or Debug. These options may also be called Address Reservation. Create or edit a launch configuration on Windows 8To run or debug a web application on Windows 8, see this Tech Article. Various other settings may exist in this section having to do with debugging or influencing runtime behavior of a Pyramid application.

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