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Then, realising how much damage his actions were causing Nebulos, Zarak freed the Autobot Headmasters, who fled the planet, and were pursued by the Decepticons, leaving Nebulos to recover from the brief war. Their power, however, was nothing in the face of the Decepticons’ newest weapon, the super robot, Scorponok, who transported the Decepticon forces back to Cybertron, where their plans were foiled by Spike Witwicky and Fortress Maximus. Stormbringer #2 When Thunderwing returned to Cybertron, Pointblank took part in the subsequent battle against the ultra-energized monster. He was apparently a bit leadfooted in his attack and paid for it. He survived, however and was aboard the Ark-27 again as it transported Optimus Prime to Earth. Drag Strip (Drag Stripe): Transforms into a Tyrell P-34 race car. Blaster (Broadcast): Commands the Autobot Mini-Cassettes (Cassettbots) who look up to him as an older brother.

The rules had been broken, there were no absolutes; characters were going to die. Optimus’ barreling assault is confusing because he appears completely invulnerable to point blank shots delivered by desperate enemies. Having no other choice, Pointblank and the other non-Headmasters agreed to have their heads removed and converted into Headmasters so they could leave their bodies behind. The Junkions could have repaired Optimus in no time.
Contents Autobots[edit] Autobot Headmasters (Cybertron Headmasters): Some of the main characters in the series. Transforms into a MIG-25 fighter jet and a Mitsubishi Type-74 assault tank. Kup tries an old trick: he speaks the universal greeting and offers them Energon treats. Video games[edit] Chromedome is a playable character in the Japanese Famicom video game Transformers: The Headmasters. Although the two eventually fought it out, with Chromedome and the other Headmasters battling Sixshot’s six modes, a bomb planted by Scorponok to kill Sixshot then detonated, forcing them to work together to save Daniel Witwicky. Worlds Apart Pointblank and the rest of Fortress Maximus’ crew later travelled to Earth.

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